Sunday, June 26, 2011

Off To A Party and The Circus

Sunday 26th June, 2011

Wow, I cannot believe I last blogged on Tuesday.  Well nothing much has happened in my life Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I was busy making Taylor her photo book for her birthday.  She had asked me to make her one on Good Friday and wanted it for Easter.  I promised that I would make her one for her birthday instead and she was happy with that.

She said she wanted Bratz at the front and Barbie at the back.  With me doing the cleaning it was put on the back burner and realising her birthday was only a few days away I thought I had better get stuck into it.  So my days were taken up doing that, hence no time for blogging.

Friday I went into town and met Tony.  I thought I had better buy her a birthday present as well, just in case I didn't get her book finished in time.  I rang Jodi for some ideas and she said she wanted Harumika, some clothes designing toy.

Saturday afternoon we went and picked up Katie.  Friday night she went to the Noarlunga Cinemas for a Movie/Disco night.  She said that she had a great time.  Before we left I had already prepared dinner (Shepherd's Pie).  We came home and I still had some final bits and pieces to do on Taylor's book to finish it off.

Katie and Tony watched "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" which left me to do what I needed to do after dinner.  After the movie she wanted me to play with her on the computer, which we did.

Sunday morning I was up early as I still had to print the pages of Taylor's book.  Tony bound them for me.   We had to leave around 11.45 to go to Taylor's party.  She was having her party at the Plaster Fun House at Paddy's Market, Parafield.  Around 8 of her friends from school were invited along with another 6 of her friends and family.

They could each choose a plaster ornament to paint.  When they finished painting the party hostess sprinkled it with glitter and put on a few accessories.  Most of the kids chose dogs to do, Katie chose a butterfly, some chose a dolphin and one girl chose a bear.  They all did a great job with them.

When they finished the painting they sat down and enjoyed eating pizzas, fairy bread and cupcakes.  Taylor had an icecream cake for her birthday cake, which was provided by the Fun House.

We had to leave soon after Taylor cut her cake as we were heading off to the Great Moscow Circus.  Katie took her piece of icecream cake, put it in a bowl and ate it on the way to the circus.

We had the best seats sitting right in the front row.  The Circus was great, thoroughly enjoyable.  Katie said she liked it better than Cirque du Soleil.  It finished around 5.15pm and so we called in home to pick up Katie's things and then went and dropped her off to Kahra.  She decided on the way that she was hungry so we ended up meeting them at Hungry Jacks. 

After they left Tony and I went and had coffee at Vili's Cafe, called into his work to pick up his coat, which he left there on Friday.  We got home just before 9.30pm.  What a busy, fun filled and enjoyable day we'd had.

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