Saturday, June 11, 2011

Much More Spring In My Step

Saturday 11th June, 2011

This morning when I awoke there was much more spring in my step.  I knew that the end to this cleaning caper was nigh and I just wanted to get stuck into it, to get it finished.

Firstly, we tackled the laundry.  What I thought would only take a couple of hours turned into nearly all day.  In the end I finished it off by myself as Tony wanted to shampoo the car seats and floors in the car.  I must say, they look brand new again.

While he was doing the walls and ceiling in the laundry I finished off the lounge, dining and kitchen.  Wow! something seems to be missing.  Oh! that's right, it's all the mess that was in there.

Now all that's left to be done is to shampoo the mats, chairs, lounge and carpet. 

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