Monday, June 13, 2011

We Have Finally Finished

Monday 13th June, 2011

Today is a Public Holiday in South Australia in recognition of the Queen's Birthday.  I don't know why we celebrate it today when her actual birthday is in April.

Well today is the day we finish our spring cleaning.  Tony is shampooing the carpets.  I can't believe I started this cleaning some four weeks ago, and I never believed we would ever get to this day.  It seemed to take forever.

For those who didn't know I had done it wouldn't notice anything different.....the house looks the same.   I know that it is clean as it has a freshness about it and looks and feels much cleaner.

Our next project..........clean out the garage.  That will be in a few weeks though as the next few weekends we have other things to do.

From the Lens............

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