Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Halfway Through June

Wednesday 15th June, 2011

Today's date is the halfway mark for the month of June. This month is flying by.  It was a bit of a slow start for me this morning but I managed to get a start on the laundry.  Got a few loads washed and the rest can be done tomorrow.

Tori rang.  She is having a birthday in a few weeks and for her birthday she wanted to know if I could get her a ticket to the Bliss n Esso concert on Friday night.

I went on the net but there were no more tickets available.  Tori was disappointed and so I suggested she either go to the Entertainment Centre early on Friday in case they release some more tickets or from a friend, who doesn't want the tickets or can't go.

About an hour later she rang me, all excited.  One of her friends did have tickets but didn't want to go to the concert and said that Tori could have them.  She was so happy.  I hope she gets the tickets from her friend and enjoys the concert.

Rang Katie tonight to see if she was going to come and stay for the weekend.  She said she was.  It has been five weeks since we last saw her.  We have missed her!

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