Thursday, June 2, 2011

Enjoying The Sun While It Lasts

Thursday 2nd June, 2011

Who said it was winter?  Yesterday and today, even after the cold start to the mornings, we have had the most lovely weather.  Today the temperature got to somewhere near 20 degrees.  But that's where it ends.  Rain tomorrow and then again over the weekend with the temperatures dropping down to the low teens........brrrr.

Seeing it was so nice outside I got to finish washing the windows in the courtyard and gave the courtyard a clean up.  Tony, had taken the front security door off and so I gave that a wash as well.

By the time I had finished, which was late in the afternoon, I was totally exhausted.  Luckily I had put dinner in the slow cooker before I started. 

Tonight I felt like doing nothing.  Poor Tony, after coming home from work, having dinner, doing the dishes, he continued on with a bit of the cleaning.  We still need to get the hallway pictures cleaned and hung back up as well as the curtains.  

Oh well there's always tomorrow and it looks as if we will be having Katie for the weekend so maybe we can get her to help us.

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