Friday, June 10, 2011

Busy As A Bee!

Friday 10th June, 2011

I must have been too busy yesterday because I forgot to blog.  I did get the windows washed inside and out in the kitchen, family and dining room and when Tony came home we hung the pictures and when the curtains were washed we put them back up.

Around 10.00pm we took a trip to the Salvation Army charity shop and dropped off some more of our unwanted bits and pieces.  We couldn't put it in the bin as some of it was glass and would've broken as it dropped into the bin. 

I couldn't believe it, there were two girls there going through the bins.  One actually got inside one of them.  They had a trailer hooked up to their car and had it filled with items that had been left by other people.  We wondered whether our items would have been taken by them as well.

Today I made a start on getting the kitchen, family and dining rooms in order.  It took me most of the day and I still didn't get finished when I had to stop and go and meet Tony at the Village.  We were going to hire a Britex carpet shamp0o machine for the weekend. 

Woolworths at the Village didn't have the upholstery brush attachment with theirs.  We knew that Woolies at Northpark did, so we went there to get the machine.  Loaded it into the car, did some shopping and then went to the Hampstead Hotel for dinner.

When we came home I didn't fancy doing any more cleaning.  I'd had enough!  Tomorrow is another day!

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