Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pizza At Sunset

Saturday 29th January, 2011

We are in for some scorching hot weather over the next few days!!  Today 39, tomorrow 42 and Monday 41.  I know what I'll be doing, inside with the air conditioning on and doing as little as possible.

Today I did do a bit of housework with Tony's help.  He is so good to me.  Yesterday, while picking the laundry up off the floor to put into the machine, I felt my back go and I have been in agony ever since.  I know I don't bend down correctly and usually I am aware of it, but this time I was careless and I am paying for it now.

This evening we went and had pizza on the beach.  It wasn't much cooler down there.  Lots of people were in the water or just sitting on the beach.  We would've liked to have gone and paddled our feet but my back wouldn't let me.  Oh well, maybe another day!

From the at sunset

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