Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday 22nd January, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!  Whose birthday is it.....why MINE of course!!  I reached a milestone in years today, let's just say I won't be seeing the 50's again.  It was a bittersweet day as I lost two very close girlfriends in recent years and they both died a couple of months before reaching their 60th birthdays.  So I raised my glass and thought of you both, Jan and Jacqui.

Had an awesome day.  I have never been one to celebrate my birthdays or be made a fuss of, to me it's just another day, but Jodi and Taylor came to visit early in the morning, had several phone calls, went and took Katie to the playground at Virginia after having been to the Nursery where we had lunch, coffee and cake.

Banana and Caramel Gateau

Headed back home to get ready to go to Henley Beach to meet up with Robyn and Bob for dinner.  Ended up having dinner at Evida.  It was a very nice enjoyable meal. We were debating whether to have coffee after our meal or after we went for a walk.  Katie was dying to get down on the beach and she turns to me and said, "Nanna just because it's your birthday you don't have to eat junk food, you've already had one piece of cake today".

We decided to leave coffee for later and so we went on the beach where Katie had a paddle in the water.  I said she could go in as far as her knees, as we had no other clothes for her.  That paddle ended up being a swim in the ocean, but it was the waves fault because "they got me wet all over."

Took her back to the car where the only thing we had to dry her off with was a blanket, lol.  Luckily I had a cami on underneath the top I was wearing, so I took that off and got her to put that on, tying the shoulder straps at the back to make it fit.  Robyn, luckily had a small fleece blanket so we used that as a wrap around.

We then wandered along the jetty.  There were lots of people on the jetty fishing and crabbing.  Lots of crabs were being caught and Katie decided she now wants to go crab fishing.  Robyn and Bob are going over to the Yorke Peninsula later in March and so they asked us to come and stay a night as well, so Katie is very much looking forward to that.

We went and had coffee and cake to end the evening.  Thanks to Tony, Robyn, Bob and Katie for a great night.

On the way home Katie was talking about how she got to touch a crab and hold a fish when we were on the jetty.  "Oh," I said, "did you get to hold a crab?"  "No." she replied, "anyway I only trust Uncle Bob to get me to hold one and when we go crab fishing he will find me a safe beach to swim in". 

From the Lens.........Lime Swirl Cheesecake

I got to have my second piece of was my birthday after all. 

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