Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Australia!!!

Wednesday 26th January, 2011

Today is Australia's birthday.  The First Fleet led by Captain Arthur Philip sailed into Botany Bay (NSW) on this day back in 1788.  Many people do not believe that we should celebrate Australia Day today, instead we should celebrate it when Federation was proclaimed which was on the 1st January, 1901.  An Act declared that the colonies of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia would unite and be known as the Commonwealth of Australia.

Anyhow that is up to the government of the day to have a referendum for the people to decide.  So for now, we celebrate it today.

Being a Public Holiday many events are planned around the country.  A lot of immigrants choose today to become citizens of Australia.

Today is also a day for backyard cricket, putting a chop (lamb) on the barbie and just lazing around.

Tony and I went into the city and watched the Australia Day Parade.  Being a country of many nationalities the Parade consisted of some 3000 people, many of these representing their homeland.  It was full of colour and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was our first time watching the Parade but definitely not our last.

When the Parade concluded we went to Elder Park where thousands of people had gathered to listen to the various bands.  Jessica Mauboy and Kisschasey were the headline acts.  Fireworks ended the night.

From the Lens........some of the crowd at Elder Park

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