Monday, January 10, 2011

Floods, Fire....

Monday 10th January, 2011

Well life has returned to normal after the holiday break and most people are now back at work.  There are 3 more weeks of school holidays and then school will begin for the new year.

Will life ever be normal in Queensland?  It will take many years for them to return back to normal life after the devastating floods that they are experiencing.  Torrential rain is still pouring down and earlier today saw an inland tsunami hit the city of Toowoomba.  Many people are missing and deaths have been recorded because of this disaster.  Our hearts go out to all these people and their families.

I think I would prefer to live through a cyclone or fire than a flood.  We lived through Cyclone Tracy back in 1974.   At least with a cyclone or fire it is all over within a matter of hours/days, whereas floods can linger on for months and months.   

Here in South Australia we are wondering what is going to happen when all the water from Queensland comes down into the rivers and eventually into the River Murray.  It surely will cause some flooding along the river.  River levels at the moment are quite high and will surely go higher.

On the other hand in the west of the country, near Perth, are bushfires.  So far the fires have destroyed 5 houses and put many lives at risk.  Apparently these fires were deliberately started by some low life.  Western Australia is also experiencing some flooding up north so they are having their share of disaster as well.

Crikey! so far South Australia has been spared, but no doubt we will experience some sort of disaster at some stage.  Perhaps we can put down our drought conditions of the last few years as being our disaster.  Hope so!

From the Lens.........water coming through Toowoomba

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