Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flood Crisis Continues

Wednesday 12th January, 2011

Boy I have never watched as much TV as I have done the last couple of days.  These floods in Queensland have got me  totally absorbed.  At least the river in Ipswich did not peak as high as they were expecting it too, but still some 3000 houses have been flooded.

At 4.ooam  tomorrow morning they are expecting the Brisbane River to peak at 5.5. metres, flooding up to 30,000 homes in Brisbane.

Here at home they have been sending sand bags up to the Riverland, as they are predicting rainfall of between 50-100 mm tomorrow, and some flooding may occur, so they want to be prepared.  Apparently the rain is not going to come from Queensland, but the Northern Territory.  This heavy rain will fall mainly on the eastern side of the ranges, meaning that Adelaide will miss out on the bulk of it.  We are only expecting 5-10 mm.

Even parts of Victoria are now experiencing floods.  Northern New South Wales around Grafton are also in flood.  It has definitely been a very wet and soggy start to 2011 in different parts of all the states of Australia.

From the Lens.........what I have been watching

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