Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Cards

Friday 28th January, 2011

Time to put away my birthday cards.  I usually leave them out for a week after Birthdays, Mothers' Day, Christmas and Fathers' Day.  I love receiving cards, I find that they mean more to me than gifts.

Gifts are too easy to buy, especially if the person has asked what you would like.  A card on the other hand is much more personal.  I like to think that they have read the verse on the inside of the card or cards and then had to decide which one is appropriate for you.

A beautiful card that I received this year was the one from Katie.  Tony took her to the card section of the store and she chose this card herself.  I even shed a tear when I read it.

Hehehe I locked myself out of the house this afternoon.  The problem we have with our house is that when the doors are locked, from the outside you cannot open them, but you can open them from the inside.  I went out the laundry door, not realising that it was locked and it slammed shut behind me.

Thank god it was only about an hour before Tony came home from work and luckily I had unlocked the front screen door for him to get in.  I must get a key for the laundry door and hide it somewhere out the back in case it happens again.

From the Lens.........

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