Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Do Ya Have To Do, To Get Ya Message Across?

Thursday 5th May, 2011

I am so annoyed today.  Over the last couple of months we have been getting phone calls from India.  At least I think it is India because that is the accent the person uses.  Some give their name but most don't and they say they are ringing on behalf of 'something' Solutions.  You can't understand the name fully.

They ask "Are you the main user of the computer?"   Then they ask you if you have noticed that your computer is running slow.  They go onto tell you that your computer has been infected with an infection.  "No ma'am, not a virus, this is an infection".

He then asks you to turn on your computer and he will give you a code to type in.  Uh uh I'm not that silly.  Apparently it is a scam, once you type in the code they have access to all of your information on the computer.

Well, over the last couple of months I have played along with their silly game, banging away on the keyboard letting them think I was entering the code.  I have been so rude to them, even telling them to p... off.  One night when I got a call I put the phone on speaker so that Tony could listen to what they were saying.

I told the caller I was too busy and so he said he would ring back later.  When he rang, Tony answered the phone and told him he was in IT, and often checks our computers and finds nothing wrong with them.  One time when they rang I told them that we only got a new computer that day and hadn't connected it to the internet yet.

I have asked how do they know my computer is infected.  "Oh, from Microsoft", they say.  Maybe next time I will tell them that my computer is a Mac.  I have asked what do they do with the information they get from the computers but I don't get a response.

Today I had 2 phone calls from them.  The first one I told (no, more like yelled) them to take my phone number off the list and never ring me again.

Less than two hours later I had another phone call.  He goes through his usual spiel and so I ask him "Are you stupid?"  "Excuse me ma'am!" he says.  I ask him again and he says "No."  I said to him, "I'm not bloody stupid either " and hung up.

When will these fools get the message.  Our phone number is on a Do Not Call Register, they ring from overseas so there's no-one to complain to, I swear at them and I am so rude to them even Tony can't believe his ears, but they still don't get the hint.

Maybe they like being abused over the phone. Hmmm next time I will be very polite and thank them for alerting me and maybe they will leave me alone. 

It's worth a try because nothing else is working.

From the Lens..........

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