Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Wednesday 25th May, 2011

Back to doing more of the same today.  I sorted through some of my scrapbooking supplies and put them into containers.

Then I started to sort through the photo boxes.  What a mistake that was!!  I have hundreds of photos, most of them duplicated, so I tore up all the duplicated ones.  When we bought our first digital camera we would go and have the photos printed off.  Now I just download them onto the computer and print off whatever photos I want myself. 

Tony emptied out the top of the cupboard when he came home from work.  Most of the stuff we have up there is already in boxes so that was not too much of a drama to sort.

The boxes mostly contained scrapbooks of our wedding cards, baby cards when our son was born, newspaper clippings and old postcards that we'd received from friends and family.  It brought back some wonderful memories going through these boxes.  There's no way I can throw any of this away.

Come the weekend and Tony will wash the ceilings and walls in the bathroom, vanity room, toilet and spare bedroom.  Then I will wash the curtains and windows, vacuum, mop the floors and two more rooms will be finished.

From the Lens..........

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