Monday, May 9, 2011

Surprising Who You Meet While Out Shopping

Monday 9th May, 2011

I have been having some trouble with Blogger the last 24 hours but it looks as if the problem may be fixed, fingers crossed.

Today was a rather quiet day.   I had planned on starting my 'spring' cleaning today, but after being interrupted with phone calls I lost interest.  Maybe next week now.  In the afternoon Rick and Dianne called around with Katies' easter egg.  Rick is on holidays until the end of the month.  While having a coffee I got caught up on all the gossip.

I had to go and do some shopping and met Tony after work at the Village.  We had a couple of vouchers for coffee and cake that expired today and so we thought we would use them.  Dessert before dinner, hehehe.

When shopping at the Village a couple of weeks ago it's surprising who you run into.  While we were having a coffee guess who should come walking by......Minnie Mouse.  All the kids were excited to see her and rushed to give her high 5's, hugs and kisses.  Even the big kids (me) got excited, but I would have rather seen Mickey.

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