Monday, May 30, 2011

Still Plodding On....

Monday 30th May, 2011

Today I got the study back to normal.  Decluttered the bookshelves and threw out empty computer program boxes.  Why they were kept I don't

I had to go to Spotlight to get Tony some curtain track accesories.  When he was vacuuming the curtains in the study one of the attachments that hold the curtain track to the pelmet broke.  Luckily they had some.

I met Tony at the Plaza and from there we went to the laundromat to wash the blanket from the spare bed.  OMG! someone beat to us to it, and practically had every machine in the premises in use, including the 2 big machines that take the blankets/quilts.

The normal washing machine (the only one not in use) was too small for the blanket.  We sat and waited as the machine that we wanted to use had only 7 minutes left on it.  When that finished washing the girl then dragged a bag down and had curtains she wanted to wash.

We decided to leave and go to the laundromat at Holden Hill,
We had no problems there, so while the blanket was washing we went and did some shopping at Gilles Plains.  Came back and collected the blanket and headed home.

Tony didn't feel like doing any more cleaning tonight so we took the night off.

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