Monday, May 30, 2011

More Productive Today

Sunday 29th May, 2011

Today was a much more productive day.  With no interruptions this morning we got straight into the cleaning.
Thinking we had taken our last bag to the charity bin last night, I managed to get another bag of gear to take.  I found some more books, computer programs that we longer use and ornaments that I no longer want.

Tony got the spare bedroom and the study walls and ceilings washed today.  When he finished the spare bedroom I changed the sheets on the bed and dusted and vacuumed.  I still have to wash the window and net curtain.

I can start to see some progress now that we have done the three rooms plus the bathroom.  Before, even though I was sorting through wardrobes and cupboards, you couldn't actually see what had been done.  With the walls and the curtains washed the rooms look a lot cleaner.  I am rather surprised that there hasn't been so much dust and dirt.

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