Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Of The Same

Thursday 19th May, 2011

More of the same today.  I totally emptied out the walk-in robe.  All I have to wait for now is the weekend so that Tony can wash the walls and ceiling for me.

I got a phone call regarding my cleaning products.  They had arrived.  When talking to Tony I mentioned it to him and he suggested he leave work early and we take a trip up to Hahndorf and pick them up this evening.  I had said we would go and get them on Saturday morning, but I know that when we got back we wouldn't feel like doing any cleaning.

I met Tony just after 4pm, got to Hahndorf in time to pick the goods up.  Had a coffee and then came back and called into the laundromat to wash the, $9.00 it cost.  While waiting for it to wash we went and got some Chinese take away for dinner from the restaurant next to the laundromat.

Now they are predicitng 25 degrees for tomorrow so that will be perfect for the blanket to dry on the line.  We also dropped off some bags into the charity bin.  Hopefully tomorrow I can also make a start on the bathroom.

From the empty walk-in robe

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