Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

Sunday 1st May, 2011

Today is May Day.  All I can remember about May Day is when I was at school we used to do Maypole dancing.  In later years I remember the Unions used to march because it had something to do with the workforce and International Workers' Day. 

It is also the day for the recognition of the Eight Hour Day.  We don't have the Public Holiday for Labour Day until October.

The weather was much the same as yesterday, cold and wet.  We stayed in for the day just chilling out.  Got all the laundry finished.  I just hung the sheets and towels on the line and they can stay there as they say we will get showers to at least Thursday.  All the other washing either got put in the clothes dryer or hung up around the house.

While checking out the News page today I read a story about the Barefoot Bushman, Robert Bredl.  He comes from Renmark and his father set up Bredl's Reptile Park which was across the road from where I used to live when I was much younger. 

When I was at High School he was in the same class as me and I remember one day he took some snakes to school.  During one of the lesssons he let one of the snakes go.  All the girls in the class started screaming, jumping on the chairs and the desks. 

Our teacher, Mr Small, got some order back into the class and he made each one of us girls go out to the front of the class and we had to hold the snake.  It was my first and only time I have ever had a close encounter with a snake. 

Well today they reported that he is going to close the reptile park at Renmark unless a buyer comes forward.  They said it could be closed within the week.  His father set it up over 50 years ago.

Also I read that a baby rhinoceros was born at the Monarto Zoo last Monday.  I know where we are going next permitting.  It is not named yet, I assume they will have a competition to name him (it was a boy).

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                                   Photo courtesy of Adelaide Now

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