Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Day Out At Monarto Zoo

Saturday 7th May, 2011

This morning we decided to go Monarto Zoo.  The weatherman said todays predicted temperature was going to be 20 with a chance of a late shower while Sunday it was going to be showers with a maximum of 18 degrees.  Today would be the better of the two days.  I also wanted to go and see if the new baby rhinoceros was on show.

When we got up there we decided that seeing we didn't have Katie with us, we would walk, instead of catching the bus.  The weather was perfect.  You can get on a bus and they will take you around the park and you can see the animals, sometimes up close if they are near the road.  Alternatively there are walking trails that take you throughout the park.

We headed off to see the chimpanzees first.  Five of them were out in their enclosure while two more preferred to stay indoors eating the leftovers from the feeding containers.  I could stay and watch them all day....they are beautiful animals.

From here we walked to the Waterhole.  If you get here around the right time, you might be lucky enough to get to feed the giraffes.  We were about 10 minutes early so we decided to wait.  The keeper came and hung a branch on top of the walkway.  One of the giraffes came and ate it.

You could easily put out your arm and touch it but that is not allowed.  About 7 or 8 giraffes followed but unfortunately they didn't want to stay around and be fed.  The Monarto Zoo has had a lot of success in breeding giraffes.

From here we walked over to Bomo, an area where the rhinoceros are kept.  Oh wow, what an amazing sight to see the little baby rhinoceros with his mum.  He was soooo small and sooo cute!!!  He just stayed by his mother's side all the time, didn't go wandering off.  Though we were behind the fence, at one stage he was no more than a metre from us.

Just behind the rhinos are the Cheetahs.  We walked up to where they were and the keeper was just about ready to give a talk.  She had the 3 males with her.  These males were born  in 2004 at Monarto and when they were born their mother took ill and so the cubs had to be hand reared.  Consequently the handlers can get up close and personal with them.  They reacted just like cats do when you feed them, purring loudly and being playful.

She hung a kangaroo tail up for them to fight over and fight they did, until it ended in a tug of war, with the one who got it running off into the bushes.  She said that they have dog tendencies and sometimes with the noises that they made you would think they were dogs.

After having walked for about 2 hours and 5 kilometres (well, it felt like it), we decided to catch the bus to take us to see the lions.  We caught the bus down by the rhinos and it took us to the lion area.  In separate enclosures there are also hyenas and the coloured wild dogs.

The dogs just laid on the edge of the road, laying around like dogs do.  When we got to the lion enclosure, they were down near their night quarters as it was time for them to be locked up for the night.  Apparently one of the lionesses has had a baby cub, but as yet it is not on show to the public.  Another good reason to go up again in a few weeks.

We took the bus back to the Visitor Centre and we went and had a coffee.  It was getting rather late, the park closes at 5.00pm, and when we were walking back to the car, there above us up in the tree was a bird feeding two baby birds.  We were unsure what type of bird it was but some-one said it may have been a currawong.  Another awesome sight.  Monarto Zoo never disappoints.

We headed back home but first wanted some dinner.  We both thought Chinese may be nice for dinner and trying to find a Chinese restaurant (with takeaway) was nigh impossible.  We went into Mt Barker, nothing, down Glen Osmond Road but we drove past them before we realised. 

Found one on Goodwood Road, Tony went into order and was told that there was a 60 minute wait.  Err no thanks.  So down to Glenelg, surely there has to be some down there.  We eventually found a couple and got something to eat.  Went and had coffee at Cibo's (seeing there is no more Dome) and got home just after 9.00pm.  I was in bed soon after.

From the Lens............a view over Monarto Zoo

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