Tuesday, December 24, 2013

These Temperatures Are Beyond HOT!!!!!

Tuesday 24th December, 2013

I know I am like a broken record but where does the time go?  This post was supposed to be have been done last Friday but I think I lost a couple of days because I don't know what happened.  Have I been in a coma?  Nope, just that we have been sooo busy.

Now it's Christmas Eve and we will be heading off shortly to Christies Beach to have some Christmas time with Katie, Kahra and Darrin.  The plan is to go to the park and have a Christmas picnic tea.  

Anyway this is what was supposed to have been put on my blog last week....

Friday 20th December, 2013

YIKES!!!! we are melting here!!  The temperature yesterday got to 43.4C (109.4F) and it was our hottest December day in
82 years.  On Wednesday we reached 41C (105.8F) and we had some bushfires, luckily only some bush was burnt.  Today the temperature is still around 40C but we are expecting a cool change some time this afternoon/early evening.

I get so annoyed when I hear about the elderly who end up with heat related illness.  Apparently they are too scared to turn their air conditioners on as they don't want to pay the high electricity costs.  What is the better option......a few extra dollars on your electricity account or possible death?  I know a lot of the elderly go to the shopping centres and take advantage of the coolness there but they still have to travel in the heat to get there as most of them use public transport.

Last night we ended up going back to Lobethal with Robyn and Bob to see the lights.  I also wanted to see the live nativity.  While driving out to Robyn's place around 6.00pm the temperature reached 47C outside the car.  The heat yesterday was oppressive.

It was a bit early for the live nativity and so we went and had pancakes and strawberries.  They were delicious!

After the live nativity we took a drive around the town to look at some of the houses that weren't lit up when we brought the girls up here a fortnight ago.  One house, that we had to walk through had some 50,000 lights.  It was totally awesome!!!

By the time we got back home it was well after midnight. 

This morning Jodi, Tori and Taylor showed up as Jodi wanted to give the baby his first bath here (for some reason). 
Many years ago whenever we babysat Tori as a baby, I would bath her in the kitchen sink as I had no baby bath.  I think Jodi wanted to do this for Jay-Tee just like I did for his mother.

As I had an appointment to have my nails done and Jodi showed up an hour later than what she said they would be here, it was a quick visit by them.  Jay-Tee loved his bath though.

Christmas is only a few days away now and I will be so glad when it's over.  For some reason, this year we have been busier than in past years.  I need a rest or even better a holiday!!!

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  1. Oh, I could not stand that wicked high heat. And Yes, I would definitely have the AC running. Right now, the idea of Christmas on the beach sounds absolutely fabulous. It quite cold here, and will only be in the 20'sF today. But then, that is Winter here in New England.

    It's Christmas morning, about 4:20 a.m., and I'm at work. At 7 a.m. I can go home to Pogo and together we will enjoy our Christmas Day.

    I wish you all a fabulously Merry Christmas. May the New Year be filled with peace and good health. Hugs, Edna B.