Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Has Come And Gone For Another Year

Thursday 26th December, 2013

Well that's it!  Christmas is over for another year.  We had the most fabulous day yesterday and overall the best Christmas we've had for a long time.  That's because I did NOTHING!  No Christmas party at our house this year, no breakfast on Christmas Christmas was stress free and I must say I enjoyed it more.  

There was no worrying about how much food to buy, preparing and cooking the food, making salads and cooking desserts.  All we had to worry about was getting the presents wrapped and making sure I got the calendars finished.  Easy peasy!!!!

On Christmas Eve we went down to Christies Beach and had a wonderful visit with Katie, Kahra and Darrin.  

Katie was more than spoilt with her presents.  They included a Port Power top, One Direction pyjamas, Justin Bieber perfume, Hurley backpack, water speakers, IPhone 5 cover, One Direction canvas, a smaller version perfume and a Hurley hoodie plus more.

We ended up going to get fish and chips and taking it down to the park where we ate it.  It was a beautiful evening and after dinner Katie thought she might like to go for a swim.

So down to the water we went.  Katie didn't swim, she just played at the water's edge after Darrin told her that the sharks would eat her if she went in.  She wanted to go further around the beach to where the Life Saving Club was and there would be more people.  Her theory was that if a shark came she wouldn't be the only one to get

On Christmas morning Tony and I even got a little sleep in.  Tony got me the perfect present for Christmas.  On my behalf, he adopted a lion club.  For this I received a cute lion and a certificate.  The Adelaide and Monarto Zoos were having a promotion and as there is not much that I need we thought that was a good idea to help out the Zoo.

Robyn and Bob came around just after 10.30 and we headed off to Christmas lunch at the Watermark Hotel at Glenelg.  This year they had a lot more people than last year and so it was quite crowded.  The waitress said that they had in around 360 people.

It was a fantastic lunch and of course we all ate way too much.  The Hotel has a smorgasboard and so there is everything........prawns, oysters, crabs, mussels, baked fish, turkey, hams, chicken, cold meats, salads, roast vegies, pizzas, lamb, beef, as well as an assortment of Chinese dishes (my favourite being the pandang chicken and chilli lime prawn skewers).  They have a huge range of desserts plus all the petit four cakes and slices.

Father Christmas came with gifts for all the children there and the adults were each given a little basket that we could fill with the cakes, biscuits, slices, chocolates and lollies to take home.  Robyn and I also got a table centre piece each.

After leaving the hotel at around 3.30pm we came back into the city and went and had a coffee.  The day ended up being warmer than the predicted forecast so we all opted for cold iced coffees.

Tony and I had nothing to eat for tea, we were still so full from lunch.  The evening was spent in front of the TV.

This morning we were woken rather early by the workmen who have come to replace the timbers etc in our courtyard.  It is going to be another warm day and so they wanted to get an early start.

I'm going to have a relatively lazy day today.  It's such a long build up to Christmas and then it's over with leaving you feeling flat the following day.  Maybe tomorrow I can be more productive.

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  1. What a fun Christmas Day you and your family had. Oh, I am so jealous that I cannot sit out on the beach and play in the water on Christmas Day!! Christmas has always been my time to have fun and spoil the kids. I work for it all during the year, and you're right, it's all over in a flash. The good part is that now I can start working towards next Christmas. lol.

    I just love your lion. What a wonderful present, and a great way to help support the animals. Now keep on enjoying your "easy" holiday. I've done the busy stuff, the parties and all. Now I,too, enjoy taking it easy and just sitting back to enjoy the holidays. I leave the happy chaos to the younger folks. You have a fabulous day, and a very Happy New Year. Hugs, Edna B.