Saturday, November 16, 2013

Community Spirit Is Alive In Port Adelaide

Saturday 16th November, 2013

Today we decided to go and see about having the timber replaced in the courtyard.  The timber company gave us a name of of a contractor that may be able to help us.  Now it's just a matter of Tony ringing him and getting him to come and give us a quote.

In the quote I received from the kitchen company I didn't particularly like the oven he was going to supply and so we went to have a look at some.  I want white as I HATE stainless steel.  By wanting a white one I am very limited to choice.  Apparently all the manufacturers of ovens are into stainless steel.  Regardless of what they say about them they always look dirty to me.  I found a couple that I liked  but one of them was far too expensive.  

I decided to get the cheaper of the 2 ovens and so we went over to the kitchen display guy to let him know.  He was OK with that.  From here we went into the city and to the T2 store  (they sell all different types of tea and accessories).

Then we thought we would take a trip down to the Port.  Bad decision.  They were having their Christmas Pageant and we got caught up in all the traffic and chaos.  We decided we may as well stop and watch the Pageant.  

It was nothing like the Pageant we went to last week.  This one is about the community.  It took me back to my childhood as a young girl growing up in Renmark and watching their Pageant.  The floats were all done by the local shops, businesses and community organisations.  The people in the Pageant all had bags of lollies which they threw to the children sitting along the route. There were lots of bands, cute dogs all dressed up in their Christmas finery, karate kids, the army and navy were represented plus loads of other characters.  Father Christmas came in his sleigh.

When it was finished we went and had some dinner and then went over to the river to wait for the fireworks display.   Due to it being very windy the fireworks only lasted 10 minutes.  Still, the kids enjoyed them.

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  1. Wow, your photos are gorgeous! I love the holiday pageant. It brings back childhood memories for this old soul too. I guess children and Christmas are very similar the world over. I just love your fireworks photos. Just great!

    Your chairs look wonderful, and I can tell you from experience that they are quite comfy for sleeping in too. I have a black leather one similar to yours. It's where I sleep whenever I catch a cold or don't feel good. I'm also glad you showed what a wonderful job that Lottie has been doing for you. Now I know that I must get one for me. Your living room looks fabulous. Now I'm back to my chair for some more rest. A couple of hours up and an hour to rest. Hoping that this bug will be gone soon. I want to thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Hugs, Edna B.