Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Has Come Early

Thursday 14th November, 2013

Today Christmas came early to our house.  Remember back in July I told you about the rocker/recliner chairs that Tony and I ordered and there was a wait of approximately 17-18 weeks for them.   Well today they were delivered.  OMG they are so big....they dwarf our lounge suite and chairs.  I may have to consider buying a new lounge now.

We ordered the high base ones, which we thought would be easier for us to get out of as we age.  They are so comfortable I don't want to get out of the chair.  Who needs a bed when I can easily sleep on it!

While waiting for the chairs to be delivered I thought I would bring out the vacuum cleaner and do some vacuuming.  I also wanted to see just how good a job Lottie (the robotic vacuum cleaner) does.

After I finished vacuuming the whole house I was amazed to see how little dirt there was in the vacuum.  Normally the canister that holds the dirt and fluff would be half full.  I usually get 2 vacuums out of it before it has to be emptied.

It goes to show that Lottie does a great job.  The robot cleaner may not have been cheap but so far it has been a very good investment.

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