Sunday, November 24, 2013

Building Sand Castles

Sunday 24th November, 2013

The last couple of days the weather has been rather cool.  Earlier in the week we had temperatures in the low 30's and now they have dropped down to the high teens/low 20's and it feels like winter.  Earlier today Tony had trouble trying to get warm and so we decided to go for a drive.  Perhaps the sun on the windows in the car would give enough heat for him to warm up.  It worked!

We went and paid for our Christmas dinner.  We are going back to the Watermark Hotel with Robyn and Bob again this year.  After we had done this we went down to Christies Beach.

They were having an exhibition of sand sculptures.  Sculptors had been brought in from Canada, Netherlands,
America and Australia.  The theme for the sand castles was "Under the Sea".

Wow! what an amazing job these sculptors had done.  They had been working on the sculptures for the last 3 days.  The sand they use is builders sand as it holds its form better.  They say that these sculptures can survive for many years, but eventually would erode away by the wind and rain.

Even the ocean looked beautiful and plenty of people were enjoying playing on the sand, maybe not so much in the water though.

We didn't catch up with Katie.  Earlier in the day Christies had their Christmas Pageant.  She was going to that and then off to Maddi's place.  On Tuesday she is going away with Maddi and Maddi's parents to Robe.  

Robe is a small town on the coast in the states South East.  It is well known for cray fish (lobsters).  I don't know how much Katie will like it there, there's not much for her to do or see, but we are going to have some warm weather again and so I'm sure she'll spend her time swimming.

On Friday afternoon I had an appointment for my nails and then I went into town to meet Tony.  While in there we wandered down the Mall.  Rundle Place had again invited Prudence Staite back to create a Christmas scene with chocolate, lollies and gingerbread.  

This time she built a gingerbread house and made Christmas trees with candy canes and lollies and presents and baubles out of lollies. Around 10,000 lollies were used in this scene.  It will be on display until the 6th January.  Personally I think I preferred her chocolate creation she made earlier in the year when Rundle Place was first opened.

Candy cane Christmas tree

Christmas tree made of lollies

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  1. Those sand sculptures are awesome!! I did not realize that they used a different sand. I wondered how they lasted so long. Your photos are wonderful. Looking at the photo of the beach makes me long for Springtime and Summer to be back again. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.