Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mad March Has Come Early

Sunday 17th February, 2013

I have been so slack in writing my blog lately.  Well for a start nothing much has been happening in my life.  I have been doing all the mundane things, cleaning, washing, ironing.  Let me tell you it feels soooo good to have those things done, finally!!!

Our weather has been great too, except for the last couple of days.  Mid to late afternoon the clouds roll in, the humidity builds, they forecast thunderstorms and what happens......nothing!  All we get is the feeling of uncomfortable, hot and sticky due to the heat and humidity.  I would love to see some rain.

On Friday night was the opening parade for the Fringe Festival.  This is suppose to herald in what is known as Mad March here in Adelaide.  The Fringe goes on for the next four weeks, plus we have the Clipsal 500 (a car race), the Adelaide Cup (a horse race), the Festival of Arts (a bi-annual event), WOMAdelaide (international  music event) plus numerous other events in and around Adelaide.

After doing some shopping and then going to have some dinner, Tony and I thought we would go into the city to watch the parade.  I was very surprised at the large crowd that had gathered along the route to watch it.

The parade is like no other.  It's not formal like the Christmas Pageant, it's a mish mash of all kinds of people, artists and performers.  What seemed to be an orderly start to the parade quickly turned into organised chaos.  

Nevertheless it showcased some of the acts that will be appearing during the Fringe and also some of our talented acrobats.  It was a fun parade!

Yesterday I wasn't feeling too well and so I slept most of the afternoon.  After my sleep I felt much better......perhaps the heat had got to me.  In the evening we decided to go to the movies.  We went and saw "Flight".  The movie itself wasn't too bad, it held my interest.

Last weekend we went and saw "Django Unchained".  What a fantastic movie!  Loved it!  It had everything, drama, comedy, violence. For those who haven't seen's a must see film!

Aboriginal didgeridoo players give the traditional welcome

Fireworks reflected in the office building windows

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  1. What wonderful parade photos. It sounds like a lot of fun. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling so good. The heat will do that to you. Take care of you. Now I'm off to settle in for an evening with my daughter in law. She's a darling and I enjoy these visits with her. YOu have a great day, hugs, Edna B.