Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Teddy Bear Is Definitely Not For Children

Sunday 15th July, 2012

The weekend so far has been a lazy one, for me anyway.  Yesterday Tony had to work, they were testing the fire sprinklers to make sure that they were all OK.  He said that they found a couple of small faults.

I think these late nights of sitting up and watching the Tour de France are catching up with me.  I still love it though.  They are coming into the last week and this week they will be racing in the Pyrenees.  C'mon Cadel you can do it!!!  He has dropped to 4th overall :( so let's hope he can get back some lost time in these mountains.

Stage 13

Cadel Evans
                                                         Photos from Adelaide Now

This afternoon Tony and I went to the movies to see "Ted".  Now, originally I thought that this was a kids movie.   No, no, no definitely don't take the kiddos.

I was rather surprised to see some kids in the movies with their parent.  The movie was classified MA (mature audiences) and there was a notice at the ticket office that Proof of Age ID had to be shown if purchasing tickets for "Ted".  I have no idea how or why these under age kids were allowed in.

The movie was alright, I didn't think it was as good as what a lot of people had said (am I showing my age?).  There were a lot of laughs in it and also lots of foul language, but nothing that you don't hear on the streets, simulated sex and the smoking of drugs.

In a couple of the scenes you saw Ted smoking a bong (or whatever it is called).  I don't believe that these scenes really needed to be in the movie as they didn't add to the storyline.  Maybe they were in there for the desired laughs.

After the movie finished we went and had pizza for dinner and then home, ready to watch another night of racing from the Tour de France.

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