Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting Excited......For Spring!

Tuesday 31st July, 2012

I am getting excited.....only one more month of winter left or 31 days and then we go into Spring.  Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!

I have had enough of Winter this year, it has been so cold and we have had our fair share of rain.  We have the heater on, at least 18 hours a day, and I still need a blankie over me when I watch TV.

We sleep in a water bed and this year for the first time ever (we've had a water bed for 30 plus years) Tony has had to turn the thermostat up.   Now this surely must be a sign of old age!

Yesterday morning when Tony woke up his eye was much better.  He said that most of the pain was gone.  Jodi rang up in the afternoon, she had been to the doctor and was on her way to the Dental Hospital in the city.  She wanted to know if Tony would be able to drive her car and her back home after he finished work.

It sounded as if she needed to have a tooth or teeth extracted, she said half her face was swollen and was in a lot of pain.  They ended up taking one tooth out and she had an infection around another tooth.  They drained that and she has to go back again Wednesday. 

I had to go down and pick him up from her place and then we went and did our shopping.   It was so cold in the supermarket I couldn't wait to get home to the warmth of our place.  We didn't even bother having coffee or going out to have dinner.

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