Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who Will It Be....Andrew, Reece Or Johnny?

Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

Over the last few months we have been watching the X Factor.  Last night was Grand Final night.  Three contestants are left.....Andrew Wishart (over 25 age group) Johnny Ruffo and Reece Mastin (the favourite to win)  (male under 25 age group).

During the previous week all three of them were taken back to their hometowns, Andrew to Melbourne, Johnny to Perth and Reece to Adelaide.  They were filmed meeting up with their family and friends and also performing at their local shopping centres.

Reece was filmed going back to his school which happens to be Golden Grove High, and also at his house, his family live at Greenwith.  He performed at Tea Tree Plaza, there were so many people, around 5000 they estimated.

Soon after they aired this segment the phone rang.  It was Katie, "Nanna I can't believe it."  "What can't you believe?" I asked.  "That Reece goes to Golden Grove High school, and we may have seen him at the shops when we go there. OMG Nanna he may live near you as when they showed his house it was down a hill just like your house is and when we go for walks we pass houses that look like his.  Oh Nanna can we go past his school on a school day just to see if he is there?"  I laughed, she was that excited about it all.

Tomorrow night we will see who wins.  Reece, mentored by Guy Sebastian, is the hot favourite, at only 16 years of age and with the maturity of someone so much older, he has got an amazing voice.  He loves singing rock.

Reece is singing with Kylie Minogue and in my honest opinion he totally outshone her.

Johnny, also mentored by Guy Sebastian, never had such a good voice at the start but as the show went on he has developed so much.  His voice is so much better now and he loves to dance.  He is the overall entertainer.

Andrew, was mentored by Natalie Bassingthwaighte, and being the oldest contestant at 40, had a good voice too.   His voice is somewhere in between John Farnham and Jimmy Barnes.

Good Luck to all three.  They all deserve to win.  I am sure they will all have careers in the entertainment industry.

The three finalists with Kylie Minogue..........

It is now Tuesday night and we have just finished watching the Grand Final Live Decider and the winner of X Factor for 2011 is.........

                                              REECE MASTIN

The votes between first and second were very close (only 1% in it).  Andrew came second and Johnny was eliminated earlier in the evening.

I am off to download Reece's single from ITunes now......"Good Night".  Hope it's a hit for him!!!!

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