Monday, November 21, 2011

Our First Real Taste Of Summer

Friday 18th November, 2011

What a day!!!  Predicted temperature for today is 37 degrees.  Here it is , 7.00am and the temperature already is 27.  They say for hayfever sufferers and asthmatics, make sure to take your medication as the wind will pick up later making it a horrendous day for all sufferers, and I am just getting over a bad case of sinus.

It took me to yesterday to start feeling better after having had sinus all week.  Monday and Tuesday I just lazed around the house, whenever I tried to do anything my nose would drip like a tap.  Wednesday I did improve but had that irritating cough.  Still got the cough but I feel so much better today.  I won't venture outside unless I have to.

As the day has gone on it has warmed up even more, latest temperature is around 35 degrees.  The wind is blowing a gale outside.  Earlier on in the day they were predicitng thunderstorms and some rain but where is it???  I have to go out later to do some shopping for the weekend.  Hope the rain gets here by then.

Well, we didn't get any rain.  It looks as if it missed Adelaide.  We were right in the middle of 2 bands of rain that went either side.  The temperature did drop a few degrees and the wind subsided but it's still warm outside.  I went and did some shopping at the Village, Tony met me when he got off the bus and then we went and had coffee and then thought we might try Cafe Primo for dinner, here in Golden Grove.

They are always busy there, so we thought that must be a good sign.  I ordered a Surf N Turf (it's schnitzel, instead of steak, and it came with prawns and served with a garlic sauce) and it was YUMMO!!!  Tony had a Veal Scallopine and he said his was very nice too.  A bit different to that other Cafe Primo we went to for Tanecia's birthday.  The food was much nicer here.

The only downside.....their airconditioning had broken down and it was so hot eating inside.  All the outside tables were taken.  Still, the food made up for it.

Here it is now Monday, the weekend has come and gone.  On Saturday morning Tony had to replace the light fitting in the study.  On Thursday night I turned on the light in the study and it threw our power out.  At first we thought we must have had a local power failure but the fridge light was on when you opened the door and so was the light for the oven.

Tony went to check the meter box and yep the meter had tripped, so he reset the RCD.  I tried the light again and poof....out goes the power again.  Back to the meter box, reset it and we have power.  We have had trouble with this light for ages.......we had to keep replacing the light bulbs way too often.

Lucky we still had the light fittings from the hallway when I replaced those fittings, so Tony swapped one of them over and we haven't had any more trouble......yet.  While in 'light' mode he then went outside and checked the solar lights.  Most of them need new recharge batteries.  I keep forgetting to check to see which ones work.

On Saturday night we had made arrangements to go out for dinner and a movie with Rick and Dianne.  They wanted to go down to Semaphore and the movie theatre there and also for a meal at Wee Willie's Tavern. 

Seeing they hadn't seen Red Dog, they said that they would like to see that movie.  Even though Tony and I had already seen it we said we would go and see it again as it was an enjoyable movie.  I must say, we both enjoyed it more the second time around.  Rick and Dianne also enjoyed the movie.

A scene from the movie, Josh Lucas with Koko (Red Dog)

After the movie finished we went to Wee Willie's.  By now it was around 8.45 pm and they still cooked meals.  We were the only ones there dining by this time, Tony and Rick had a seafood platter each and Dianne and I had schnitzels.  Nice meal for a relatively low price.

When we went to the toilets we had to smile.......they were marked  "Wee Willies" and "No Willies".  Bugga!!  I had forgotten to take the camera too.  I ALWAYS have the camera in my bag, but not tonight.

It was a nice night, sitting and talking and eating.  We got home around 12.30am.

On Sunday we had nothing really planned.  Went and vacuumed out the back, seasoned the bar-b-que as we decided we would christen it by having a barbie for dinner.

Later in the afternoon we decided to go out and get Katie her Christmas present.  We headed out to the Good Guys and got her an IPod touch (which she said she wanted).  While waiting to get served I went and had a wander around, and came across these coffee machines.  Hmmmm, I thought, they look OK.

After Tony paid for the IPod I just happened to slowly move him towards these coffee machines.  While looking at them and trying to work out how they work a salesperson came along.  She explained the function of them and as we already have a Senseo coffee machine (for which the pods are hard to buy) we thought this machine would nicely take the place of it.

They are made by DeLonghi and use Nespresso coffee pods.  They had several models but the one we liked was the one that had the unit and milk frother all in one.  Some models had the frother separate and so it needed two power points.
Also, they had the black one on special for $428.  Of course the one I liked was the cream one and that was $498. 

I jokingly told the salesperson that if we could have the cream one for $428 she would have herself a sale.  She looks at me and said that she would have to go and speak to her manager first.  Funnily enough he was standing just behind us and so off she goes and talks to him and when she came back she said we could have it for $420. have a sale!!

In the box they give 16 pods of different coffee to try.  Yes, Robyn they have 3 varieties of decaffienated coffee, so you don't have to bring your own when you come to visit.  So far we have tried 5 varieties and they have all been very nice.  They are at different strengths and flavours, some described as how they describe a wine....fruity and full of flavour, fruity and delicate, floral and refreshing.  And here's me thinking coffee is just.....well coffee.

Now I can have a latte, cappucino or a flat white any time of the day or night.  The frother even froths cold milk for an iced coffee.

On Sunday night Tony cooked a barbie for us for dinner.  Yum!!

Later on today I am going to cook a roast in the bar-b-que.  Will do the vegies as well, so it will be interesting to see how it comes out.

From the Lens.........

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