Monday, November 28, 2011

Negotiations Are Still Continuing

Monday 28th November, 2011

Last night when we came home after dropping Katie off, Tony wrote a letter to decline the offer for the job in Brisbane, and he emailed it off.  We had a lot of discussion about it over the weekend, and it just wasn't going to be financially viable for us.

This morning Tony rang me early.   Brett, from Queensland had rung him and said that he would still like Tony to take the job and so to entice us up there he increased the salary.  Unfortunately, it still wouldn't be enough to cover any rent we would have to pay.  I went on to the website and rents vary from $350 up to over $1000 a week.  Tony has to ring him back yet to say if he will accept it.

When Tony came home from work we looked at some of the rental apartments available.  Those at the lower price end I would pass on, middle price range .........a couple looked OK, but at the higher end of the price range was where I would start looking.  It's hard to get a feel for a place by just looking at it on the have to be there.

It also looks as if we would have to sell some of our furniture here as it wouldn't fit into an apartment.  We are in a real dilemma.  They would like Tony up there by the 1st January but that doesn't give us enough time to organise ourselves here, to pack up our house and get it ready to rent out.

Brett told Tony he would like to keep the line of communication open.   The only communication I want to hear is.....we will cover all your costs (rent, relocation, storage)!

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