Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Keeping Busy

Tuesday 8th November, 2011

Life has been progressing as normal here.  Last Thursday I went out to lunch with Dianne.  It had been her birthday the week before.  We ended up at Elizabeth Shopping centre and while there sorted out a couple of Christmas presents for the girls.

After I dropped her off I went into town and picked Tony up.  We went and filled the water bottles, did some shopping and then went and had dinner at the Hampstead Hotel.  At least I didn't have to go into town on Friday now.

On Saturday we went and had a look for a new tallboy for our bedroom.  We went back to the place where we bought our bed from, hoping to match the colour with the bedside tables.

We took one of the drawers with us so we knew what colour we needed.  New guys have taken over and they didn't think it could be done.  ???? we were dumbfounded, but they said they would ring me Monday after talking with their manufacturer.

We weren't happy and so we headed off to the Gepps Cross Homemaker Centre.  We went into several stores but there was nothing even close to the colour we wanted, not even with them trying to colour match.  Our only solution was to go out to Gawler and to Mesnar's Furniture and get them to make a tallboy for us.  They would be able to match the colour.

After having some lunch there were still a couple more stores we could try.  Firstly we went into Bar-b-que's Galore.  Seeing we were in the market for a new barbie we thought we would  see what was available.  I had my mind set on the Weber, but after talking with the salesperson we settled for a Beefeater.

We paid a deposit on it and will go back in a few weeks to pick it up.  A few doors up was Forty Winks.  Maybe, I might have better luck in here finding a tallboy.  Voila! the first one we saw was perfect.  Tony went out to the car and got the drawer, the colour was very, very close. 

The salesman knocked $300 off the ticket price ($999), we were happy and so we paid a deposit and ordered one.  Delivery should be in about 3 weeks.

From here we went off and did some food shopping and then off to Ray's Outdoors as we needed a couple of new fold up chairs.  When we last used our old chairs, we noticed that one of them had been swapped over by someone.  This chair was starting to fray on the seat part and so Tony threw it out.  We thought that if we got 2 different coloured chairs to what most people have (get away from either the blue or green), then no-one would be able to get them mixed up.

The chairs we bought weren't cheap, but they were so comfortable, just like sitting in an armchair.  Can't wait to try them out at the Pageant on Saturday.

I have been wanting to go and see the movie "Footloose" for some time now.  I thought I might have been able to take Katie but it has an M rating.  I ended up dragging Tony to go with me Saturday night.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and even Tony said he did too.  Wow , the lead actor (Kenny Wormald) was gorgeous, at times a bit James Dean like.

On Sunday we just hung around home doing all the odd jobs that had been needing doing for ages.  Tony got to dismantle our old bar-b-que, put it in the car and when we finished working outside, we got ourselves cleaned up and went into work and dumped the old barbie in the bins.

We went off and had pizza for dinner. 

On Monday one of the guys from the Waterbed shop rang me to let me know that after talking to their supplier, they were unable to match the colour for the tallboy.  Oh well, it didn't matter now, I'd already found one that was suitable.

From the Lens........as the sun sets on Adelaide

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