Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Job Offer

Thursday 24th November, 2011

I was having a quiet day until the phone rang.  When I answered it, it was Tony.  He asked me whether I was sitting down.  Yes, I told him.  He then proceeded to tell me that he had just had a phone call from his former employer asking him if he would be interested in taking a job in Brisbane.  Whaaaattttt!!! I screamed.

He said that he couldn't talk to him properly as he was with a contractor and so the guy told him to ring him tonight.  OMG what to do!!  It would be a great Tony said, think of it as a 4-5 year holiday.   Yeah, but........

I can't help thinking, what do we do with all of our gear, there's too much to pack up and move it all to Brisbane.  There's no way we would sell the house.......we would rent it out.  Why didn't these opportunities present themselves 10-15 years ago?  I wouldn't have hesitated, but we are nearing our twilight years and it's a big decision to make.

At the moment there's more cons than pros but there's no point getting too excited until Tony has a lot more information.

Tonight Tony rang the CEO of the company and at the moment he doesn't think he will take the job.  Firstly the wages are about the same as he is getting here.  If we moved up there we would have to rent a place and put a lot of our belongings into storage, and as we own our home that would be an expense that we don't currently have.

There is no point in going if you aren't going to benefit financially.  I don't know if we want to spend the rest of our years living in Queensland.  Like I said, if this opportunity presented itself 10-15 years ago we wouldn't have hesitated.  We could have sold our house, purchased one up there and after 10 years or so come back here and set ourselves up ready for retirement.

It's still nice to think that even though Tony is going on for 66 years of age, he is still highly regarded as being capable of taking on another job.  There are many people, younger than him, that are considered past their use by date.

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