Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kangaroos Do Wander And Fight On Our Streets

Tuesday 7th October, 2014

The first week of October has flashed by and having had our last long weekend before Christmas the rest of the year will flash by just as quick I bet.

We had Katie come and stay over on Saturday night.  I treasure these stays even more than before because they are becoming much less frequent.  She spends a lot of her spare time with her friends now.

Because of everything that has been going on in their lives lately and it's also school holiday time, Kahra and Katie took some time out and went to Sydney for a couple of days.  By all accounts they had a great time.

Tony is still having physio on his hand.  It is healing nicely and this afternoon was another visit to the physio to see how it's progressing.  She was happy with his progress and has given him a compression glove to wear as his hand is still swollen.  She has also recommended some hand and finger exercises for him to do to regain his strength in his hand.

The perception of many people who live overseas is that we have kangaroos hopping down our streets all the time.  It would have to be one of the most common asked questions when one travels overseas.

Well let me tell you, maybe we do, as witnessed by some residents living on the Central Coast of New South Wales.  Two male kangaroos were trying to show their dominance to the "mob" that were sitting further down the street.  No kangaroo was hurt, just the pride of one perhaps, dented.

This isn't the norm on our streets, but it shows that when man encroaches on the habitat of our wildlife we all have to learn to live with one another, even the wildlife.  

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