Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Hope This Weather Never Ends

Tuesday 22nd April, 2014

So Easter is over for another year.  Now watch the rest of the year fly by.  I always seem to find that once Easter has been the rest of the year seems to go by so quickly.

We had a rather nice Easter.  Katie came and stayed on the Saturday night. On Sunday we went out for lunch and then she wanted to go swimming at the swimming centre.  Thank goodness we have been having the greatest of weather, the days are perfect, warm but not too hot.  In fact, here we are nearly at the end of April and so far we have not had to turn on the heating.

The only thing we could do with is some rain.  The gardens are starting to suffer.  They have promised us showers but for some reason they just pass us by.

On Monday we went into the city as I needed to replenish my coffee supplies at Nespresso.  Geez the Rundle Mall has changed!  They are in the process of putting down new pavers, removing the trees and putting in new seating.  I particularly don't like it.....the area looks so barren and the tiles look awful.

The new pavers that they have already laid look filthy, I don't know how they plan on keeping them clean.  The City council keeps saying we have to wait until it's totally completed before forming an opinion but my mind is already made up and I don't like it!!

Giant Easter Bunnies in the Mall

Needless to say Tony and I didn't stay around for very long in the city.  We ended up driving to the beach and at Semaphore we saw the last of the Kite Festival.   It had been going on all weekend and today was the windiest day out of the four days.

The last few weeks Tony and I have still been keeping busy.  We went out to dinner with Robyn and Bob at the Buckingham Arms Hotel and were very disappointed with it. Once, this Hotel was once the premier place of the 'all you can eat buffet'.  

We found that they don't replace the platters once they are emptied and people even had to ask for more desserts.  We had booked in for 6.00pm.  We noticed that people who came later didn't get the full selection of food.  It was so different to the Watermark Hotel.  There, they are always replacing and refilling the food platters. 

I am still waiting for the floor to be replaced in our hallway.  We have decided to go for a floating wood floor instead of tiles.  I thought it may have been done before Easter but it looks as if I may have to wait another few weeks as in a couple of weeks we are going away for a few days.

We are going to one of South Australia's premier tourist spots.....Kangaroo Island.  I have never been there before, Tony has been on several occasions especially when he was an electrician with the Dept of Civil Aviation.  He would have to go over and maintain the airport at Kingscote.

As we are taking the car with us we have to go by ferry and even though it only takes about 45 minutes they say it is one of the roughest passages of water to cross.  The passage is known as Backstairs Passage and I am definitely not looking forward to it.  I am not a fan of boats, ships or ferries but they say as long as I have a good supply of barley sugar I should be alright.  We will see!!!

Katie and her Poppa

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  1. Your Katie is just lovely. It's good that you can still enjoy spending time with her. That kite festival looks so fun. I've never been to a kite festival or seen so many kites at one time. Spring is having a difficult time settling in here, so I hope the time does not fly by too quickly here. Spring is my favorite season. Enjoy your vacation at Kangaroo Island. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.