Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Royals Charm Elizabeth

Wednesday 23rd April, 2014

It has been many, many months in the planning and finally the day has arrived when Prince William and Catherine, (Kate) the Duchess of Cambridge, visited Elizabeth.

The Premier, Jay Weatherill, invited the young Royals to visit South Australia over two years ago and they accepted his invitation.  They asked to visit Elizabeth, a suburb of Adelaide that was named after his grandmother, the Queen, when she visited back in the 1950's.

Elizabeth does not get too much good publicity.  A lot of the residents there are from a lower socio-economic class but as with all suburbs there are the good and the bad.  Unfortunately the bad get the most publicity and so a lot of people look down their noses at anyone who comes from Elizabeth.

A lot of well known people have come from Elizabeth including our Governor, Kevin Scarce.  

The people of Elizabeth along with thousands of others from around the State and interstate turned out in force.  They estimated the crowd to be around 50,000.  William and Kate were fantastic.

The  Make A Wish foundation made this little girl's dream come true....she wanted to meet a Princess

They asked to meet with the young people from the Northern Sounds Centre.  This centre is set up for young talented people to enhance their musical talents such as hip hop dancing, rapping, singing and DJaying.  Both Kate and Wills had a turn at "scratching the vinyl" otherwise known as being a DJ.

Kate got more of the rhythm than William

They also witnessed singing, aboriginal dance, hip hop dancing, legal graffitti painting where William sprayed some paint on a wall and watched some skateboarders and bike riders at the skate park.

Skateboard given to the couple with George's name

They took a walk among the people and were showered with gifts and flowers.  Many of the gifts were for their baby son, George.  He didn't come with them, instead he stayed back in Canberra with his nanny.

We didn't go out to see them.  I thought that as there would be so many people and having to wait and stand around for hours I would rather watch it on TV, which is what I did. 

One day William will become King and I hope he and Kate will always be the down to earth people that they showed today.  The debate still goes on whether this country should remain a country with a monarchy as our head of state or become a Republic.

Going by the reception that this Royal couple were given I think the monarchy are here for a long time to come.

                                                                     Photos taken from the internet

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  1. I think Kate and Wills are a beautiful couple. Diana would have been so proud. It would be nice if the Queen by-passed her son and gave the crown to William. I think the world would rejoice at having a young couple at the head of the monarchy again. I remember Elizabeth's coronation, and would like to see Will's in my lifetime. Have a fabulous vacation. Hugs, Edna B.