Friday, April 25, 2014

Lest We Forget

Friday 25th April, 2014

Lest We Forget

Today is the day we stop to remember the sacrifices made by all those men and women who gave up so much to go and fight to protect this country.   It is the day that the Australian and New Zealand army landed on the shores of Gallipoli back in 1915.  Next year we will celebrate the 100th anniversary.

We also remember those who fought in all the wars Australia has been involved in, such as World Wars 1 and 2, Vietnam, Boer War, Korean War, Iraq, and more recently Afghanistan.

It would be great not to have these days as it would mean that the world has been able to co-habit as one big happy family but unfortunately that is not the case.   While we have despots ruling countries like the one in North Korea and a "hard liner" (Putin of Russia) wanting to reclaim Ukraine, the world sits and waits.  Let's hope common sense prevails!


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