Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's No April Fool's Joke

Tuesday 1st April, 2014

The weatherman said it was not an April Fool's Day joke but our temperature should get to a hot 36C degrees today.  Whaaattt, that's summer temperatures!!!! 

But then he did say the temperatures would drop down to the low 20C's for the remainder of the week.  That sounds more like my kind of weather.

Tony and I have not slowed down any.  Last Thursday we were out of the house early as we had another power interruption day.  The power supply company is doing some maintenance in the area and this is the 2nd of one of those days.  We have another one this Friday.

The day was spent running errands and going for a short drive through the hills and along some roads that we rarely travel on.

On Saturday we took a drive up to Port Broughton.  Robyn and Bob were spending a few days up there fishing and had asked us to go up.  We left early and got up there mid morning.  They had been fishing but there wasn't too much around they said.  Robyn had got a silver whiting and Bob got himself a few crabs.

For lunch we went to the local hotel where Tony and I shared a lovely seafood platter.  It had Moreton Bay bug tails, grilled fish, prawn skewers, salt and pepper squid that was melt in the mouth, and prawn twisties. There was more than enough for the two of us.  Robyn and Bob had Parmigiana schnitzels. I so wanted to have dessert but after the main meal I was feeling a little over full.

After lunch we went and had a walk along the jetty.  Hardly anyone was fishing, we saw a handful of people but they weren't catching much.  One family were catching a few trumpeters that maybe they were going to use for bait later on.  

While walking along the jetty this critter came to say hello.....a stingray.  Apparently there are two of them that frequent this area, this is the smaller one of the two.

Robyn and Bob then took us on a drive around the town and area.  They revealed to us that a few years ago they were sincerely thinking about retiring here.  They had even come close to buying a house/land package at the retirement village.  

In a way I think they were glad that they didn't commit themselves because the town is very quiet and the fishing is practically non existent unless you have a boat and Bob doesn't seem very interested in having a boat.  

After our drive we went back to the cabin.  They had rented a cabin at the caravan park.  The cabin was right on the sea front.  

We sat around talking and laughing and watching the football.  The showdown was on between Port Adelaide (Power) and the Adelaide Crows.  Power came out the victors by 55 points.  Yay!!!!

After the football finished it was time for us to head back home.  By now it was after 7pm and so we left.  Instead of coming straight back to Adelaide we decided to head a little further north and to Port Pirie.  We couldn't believe how large that town has grown.  Mind you it's been a long, long time since we were last there.

As it was too dark to see too much we decided to head on back to Adelaide.  We vowed to return though.  We got back home closer to 11.30pm.

On Sunday morning we didn't get much of a sleep in.  The phone rang with the guy wanting to come over and measure the passageway for the flooring.  The shop in Hahndorf also rang to let me know my cleaning product had come in.

After the guy had come to do his measure up we decided to go to Hahndorf and pick up the cleaner.  It was rather warm out (temps were in  the low 30C's) and so there were lots of people out and about in Hahndorf.  One shop I particularly wanted to go to has now closed down.  It was the lavender shop.  

There is a lavender farm and hopefully shop in the Barossa so that may have to be a trip for another time.

Well the temperature got to 36.8C, just 0.1C lower than the record temperature for April.  The skies are very grey and overcast and it looks as though we may get some rain.  It is still very warm but the weatherman said the cool change will come in overnight.  There's not much mention of the 'R" (rain) word so I don't think we can expect too much. 


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  1. You lead a very busy life, more so now that hubby is home all the time. Enjoy it while you can. I used to be quite active, then age insisted that I slow down. I'm still busy, I just can't quite figure out what it is that I do all day long that keeps me so busy! lol. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.