Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Year Is Off To A Good Start

Saturday 4th January, 2014

All is going well in the New Year so far.  Robyn went into hospital and had her operation on Thursday and everything went well.  We took her into the hospital and then picked her up yesterday morning.  The doctor thinks he got all of the tumor but it still has to be analysed.

Several of the nurses thought that we were  The only difference is that my hair is darker than hers, and I am older.  I have dark brown hair and hers used to be auburn but with age, if I didn't have mine coloured I'd be grey, practically white and Robyn's is now a blonde colour.  

I'd be happy to be her twin if it meant I was her age, then I would be three years younger than what I am.  Hey! I wouldn't have even turned 60 yet.

Guess what?  While shopping on Thursday we saw that hot cross buns are in the supermarkets.  Fair suck of the sav......Christmas was only a week ago!!!!  Easter eggs will be appearing too I suppose in the next couple of weeks. 

While in the Mall we were entertained by these gorgeous polar bears.  They played Christmas Carols for the shoppers.

This afternoon Tony and I went to the movies and saw "American Hustle".  It was a bit slow early on and I think I had a 'nanna nap', but once it warmed up it turned out to be a good movie.  

It's about the corruption that goes on with the Mafia, FBI, politicians, local mayor and a conman. Parts of it were based on a true story.

After the movie we went and had coffee and decided to stay for dinner at Cafe Primo.

Apparently 2013 was the hottest year on record here in Australia and Moomba, an outback town in South Australia was the hottest place to be.  It reached temperatures of 49C plus.

At the moment our weather is cool.  While outside this morning I could easily have had a jumper on.  It is overcast, windy and no sun.  I don't think any rain is forecast, but as I'm typing this a shower is passing overhead.  By the middle of this week the temperatures will be up in the 30's again. 

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  1. I'm glad to hear that all is going well for Robyn. It's sad that the stores feel obligated to put seasonal things way ahead of the season. I don't really understand their thinking. I will spend only a certain amount of money no matter how soon they start their holiday stuff. Your performing polar bears are adorable. Right now, we are having an Artic Freeze all over the country. It is very cold, but some places are much colder than we are. I'll be very glad to see Spring arrive. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.