Friday, January 17, 2014

Our Worst Fears Realised

Friday 17th January, 2014

Well, the States worst fears were realised today.  With our extremely hot temperatures fires have broken out all over the State with the worst being the Eden Valley (Barossa Valley) where homes have been lost, Bangor (near Port Pirie) and reports of homes lost, Renmark (my old stomping ground) where the fire is burning towards Renmark West and also Cooltong but no reports of any homes lost and also a fire in the Murraylands that is burning farmland and 2 homes lost.

So far there have been reports of 12 homes lost but thankfully no lives.  The officials say that they will get a clearer picture of what is actually burnt once they can get in to have a good look.  

With our week of 40+ temperatures some 200 people have been hospitalised or needing hospital assistance with heat stress related illness.  Most of these have been the elderly.  There have been plenty of warnings given on radio and TV about what not to do in the heat but I feel they go unheeded.

Just like when we took Robyn to the doctor yesterday.  We dropped her off at the entrance and then Tony went and parked the car.  He was able to get a park a few doors down.  While walking back to the doctors office we passed a woman dressed in a black long sleeve fluffy jumper and track pants on. It was something that you would wear in the height of Winter.  You just shake your head in disbelief!

A cool change came in earlier this evening but with it came strong winds and thunder and lightning.  These conditions will only hamper the firefighters in their ability to control these fires.

As Tony and I had to go out and fill our water bottles we took a trip down to the beach to watch the lightning.  A lot of it was between the clouds but there were a few streaks.  Tony's camera wasn't working properly and mine wasn't much better.

These are from my camera........

A H-U-G-E thankyou must be given to all the firefighters, both professional and volunteers for the magnificent job they have done this week.  Some of them have been fighting fires since Tuesday when the first outbreak happened.  May God bless them all!!!

Billiatt, Murraylands - Currently travelling in a northerly direction towards Alawoona. The scrub fire has burned more than 15,000 hectares. Two homes were lost at the "Last Resort" property.
Calperum, Riverland - This blaze near Cooltong and Renmark West is still uncontrolled and has burned more than 38 000 hectares of scrubland. The fire is travelling in a northerly direction towards Wentworth Rd.
Bangor, southern Flinders Ranges - The blaze has reduced in intensity overnight but is continuing to burn in a northerly direction towards Wirrabara, Murraytown and Melrose. The scrub fire burned more than 22,000 hectares and had more than 100 firefighters working overnight. There have been three homes, three other structures and multiple stock lost. The fire is expected to burn for days in inaccessible terrain.
Eden Valley, edge of the Barossa - More than 27,0000 hectares has been burned by a huge fire front that tore through grassland. It is still travelling in a northerly direction towards Truro, Keyneton, Graetztown, Towitta, Moculta, Eden Valley, Sanderson and Angaston. Although the fire threat has reduced with a change in the weather, at least five homes have been lost in the fire.

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  1. Your lightning photo is awesome. But please do be careful. It hurst my heart to hear of so much of our lands being ravaged by fires, and people, their homes and the wildlife being hurt or killed. My prayers are with you. Be safe my friend. May God bless you. Hugs, Edna B.