Saturday, January 25, 2014

Oh! To Find A Decent Seafood Restaurant

Saturday 25th January, 2014

After an early morning appointment on Thursday I spent the rest of the day with Dianne having coffee and lunch.  We went to the Plaza and enjoyed browsing in the shops, Dianne bought some sandals that were on sale and I got some perfume.

Friday was spent catching up on housework.....the house needed it.

Today was a lazy day.  We watched the Tour Down Under on TV.  Cadel Evans was leading the race by 7 seconds over Simon Gerrans but after todays' stage Gerrans has a 1 second lead over Evans.  Tomorrow, being the final day, they race through the streets of Adelaide.  Neither Gerrans or Evans are street racers so it should make for an interesting finish.

                                                              Photos taken from Adelaide Now

This evening Bob took us all out for dinner.  For several years he has wanted to find a nice seafood restaurant here in Adelaide.  How hard do you think it would be seeing that we are renowned for catching seafood off our coast?  Nigh impossible I reckon.

He made several phone calls to various restaurants, Sammy's on the Marina, Cardones, Louca's on Hutt Street, the Revolving restaurant at Glenelg,  and to Pauls Fish Cafe on Gouger Street.  He was looking for one that would serve lobster.  Being the height of the lobster season NOT ONE place serves lobster (crayfish).

He settled for Pauls Fish Cafe and Grill and so we went there.  Full of high expectations we were a little disappointed with the look of the place.  It was just a glorified fish and chips shop.  I even got Tony to dress up (no jeans or shorts) thinking we would be dining in fine style.

Bob and Tony ordered Oysters Kilpatrick for starters while Robyn and I had Prawn Cocktails.  The guys said that their Oysters were very nice, but in our Prawn cocktails we only got 4 prawns, hardly any sauce and a bowl full of chopped lettuce, not finely shredded.

For mains Tony and I ordered King George Whiting, Robyn had crumbed prawns and Bob had a "Fruits of the Sea" platter that had prawns, calamari, scallops, and a garfish fillet. Each meal was accompanied by lettuce, 2 tiny pieces of onion half rounds, 1/8 of a tomato and 2 pieces of cucumber.  The chips were wedges which were small potatoes cut into fours.  Very ordinary!!!  We also ordered a meal of Moreton Bay Bug Tails which were skewered and we shared as Robyn had never tried them before.

Tony and I both loved our fish, Robyn's prawns were no nicer than what you get at a pub for half the price and Bob said his garfish was very nice, the prawns were too small, the calamari was tough and the scallops were soft.  Robyn and Bob had dessert, Nut sundae and a Banana Split.  Tony and I opted not to.  I felt that they didn't have a good selection of desserts and prices started at $8.90.

Bob paid nearly $300 for the total cost of the meal including drinks, the boys had 2 beers, Robyn and I had one glass of lemonade each.

Overall we were very disappointed.  We felt that we could have had as nice a meal at a hotel for a fraction of the price.  While walking back to the car we had to pass several other restaurants including Chinese.  On a board outside one of the Chinese restaurants was an advertisement for fresh lobster ($108/kilo).  Maybe we should have gone there!

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  1. Isn't that always the way? You find what you were looking for after you have settled for something else? This is one of the reasons that I do not enjoy dining out. I find that the prices for the food served is not often worth the effort. At least you had a nice time with good friends. Hope your evening is comfy and restful. Hugs, Edna B.