Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Day Of 2014 And Everything Is Looking Good

Wednesday 1st January, 2014

Yay 2014 is here!!  I don't know what I'm getting excited about, it's just another year and we'll all get another year older.  It will be interesting to see what the year has in store for us all though.

Last night after dinner, Tony and I went for a drive down to the beach.  When we left home the temperature was showing 39C and it was HOT.  We went to Largs and got ourselves an icecream.  I think we'll make this our yearly tradition now, we did it last year too.

There were a lot of people down there enjoying picnics on the beach and the lawns.  

After eating our icecreams we drove onto Semaphore and there were people everywhere.  Whether they were waiting for the 9.00pm fireworks I don't know but there were hundreds there.  They were early if they were waiting for the midnight ones.

We decided to come into the city and see the fireworks there.  They had just started as we drove in and so we pulled off onto the side of the road to watch them.  They lasted for about 10 minutes and then we headed home.

We got back home around 9.45 pm and the temperature was still 33C.  We watched some shows that we had previously recorded and then watched the fireworks from Sydney.  

It was fairly quiet where we live, not too many people having parties but some one had fireworks and was letting them off.  It is illegal to have your own fireworks here because of the fire danger and when we woke up this morning we heard on the radio how the firemen were busy throughout the night with fires that had been started by fireworks.

I think with the drink driving laws parties are becoming a thing of the past.  By seeing just how many people were out and about last night, maybe that is what they prefer to do these days.    

Most areas, like at the beach or in Elder Park, and wherever there is free entertainment are declared dry zones.  Alcohol is sold in a restricted area and you are not allowed to bring your own. 

Public transport is free after midnight, and those with children can go, see the fireworks at 9.00pm and go home.  

There will always be the idiots who will still drink and drive and hopefully they get caught.  We saw two lots of breathalyser units on our travels. 

Of all the nights, I go and leave my camera home.  The top two photos were taken with my IPhone and these fireworks photos were taken from the Adelaide Now website....

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  1. Oh my, the fireworks are gorgeous!! I did not get out to see any this year because I'm working, but that's okay. I watch them on TV. Yesterday, on TV they showed some of the fireworks from Australia and New Zealand. Wow, just beautiful! By the way, those ice creams look absolutely YUMMY! I hope this new year brings you and Tony lots of wonderful things and good health to enjoy them. Have a beautiful day, hugs, Edna B.