Saturday, January 11, 2014

Extreme Weather Happening In Both Hemispheres.

Saturday 11th January, 2014

We are in for some extreme weather next week.  The Northern Hemisphere, in particular the United States has just had an extreme polar vortex that has covered their country in snow and ice, while England has had rain causing severe flooding.  Our weather is going to be the opposite.

It looks as if the temperatures for next week are going to range from 40C- 43C (104-110F) or higher.  Next Saturday they are expecting them to fall again to the mid 20C's.  It's going to be a week of sheer hell and I fear for the elderly.  We nearly fall in that bracket and we will definitely be having our airconditioning on.

I know that the elderly have some trouble regulating their body temperature.  I know my Dad, as he got older, wore a jumper even when the temperatures got to the mid - high 30's.  A friend of ours father, who is 90 years of age, wears a jumper when it's hot.  Maybe it's because their circulation is not very good.

On Friday evening we decided to go and have fish and chips on the beach for dinner.  It was such a beautiful night, warm with a gentle sea breeze but once the food comes out so do the flies.  They really know how to spoil an otherwise perfect night.  I don't like sharing my food with those critters.

Several other people had the same idea and so the kiosk at Largs was very busy.  They were lining up outside it was so busy.

It was nice to see other birds other than the seagulls fighting over the chips and bread people had dropped.  These sparrows get just as agro as the seagulls over their food.

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  1. First, that's wonderful news for your Robyn. Absolutely benign is such a happy phrase. As for the weather, you are right. As the cold temps hit us, your temps get very hot. I'm so very glad that our temps don't usually get as hot as yours. I would have to keep my AC on all the time just to breathe. Right now, the temps here are pretty good, but will cool down a bit more in a few days. But that's winter. You have a great evening. Hugs, Edna B.