Sunday, December 15, 2013

Busy Times....part 1

Sunday 15th December, 2013

Hey folks I am still here. I haven't fallen off the twig.....not yet anyway.  We have been fairly busy the past couple of weeks and I'm still adjusting to Tony being home.  We always find we have somewhere to go most days.  Hopefully this will quieten down after Christmas.  

Last weekend Katie came to stay for the weekend.  Taylor also came to was only the second time they had seen each other this year.  I have not seen much of Jodi, Taylor, Tori or Tanecia this year.  Jodi has been going through some turmoil in her life and has not had much contact with us.

A few weeks ago Jodi, Tori and Taylor came around.  It was a surprise to see them all.  Tori's baby is due towards the end of this month.  Taylor asked if she could come to stay the next time Katie came over and so when Katie said that she would come for the weekend, Taylor was excited.

On Friday night we went down to Sellick's Beach where Katie was doing her final grading for the year for Karate.  She excelled at it and is now a purple belt.  I think she has four more belts to complete in the juniors and then progresses to the adults.  If she continues the way she is going then in about 3-4 years she will be a black belt.

On Saturday morning we were up early as we had to go and pick Taylor up.  We were going to go into the city and to the Magic Cave to take the girls to see Father Christmas.  It was the first time Taylor had ever been in there.

This year David Jones made it so much easier to see Father Christmas.  Instead of lining up and waiting for ages they took your mobile phone number and sent a text message when it was time for you to see him.  This way you could go about and do some shopping or browsing while waiting.  When we got our text message we only had to line up for about 10 minutes which was good.

Both the girls asked Father Christmas for the same things....a Port Power top, a Hurley Tshirt , Vans sneakers and some makeup.  Santa said that he couldn't promise them everything but they replied,  "we don't care, we will be happy with whatever you bring us".  Father Christmas was most impressed with them but he did call them scallywags as they were laughing and joking with him. He seemed to really enjoy their visit.

With that finished we went off to have some lunch.  The test match cricket between England and Australia was being played at Adelaide Oval and it was the first official game there after the redevelopment of the oval.  A bridge has also been built over the River Torrens to make it easier for the crowds to access the oval. The bridge was opened for the cricket supporters but has not been completed.

We decided to take a walk across the bridge to the oval.  There were also hundreds of English supporters out and about.  Whenever these two countries play each other in Test matches they play for the Ashes.  It started out back in the late 1800's when England and Australia played each other and the bails were burnt and the ashes put into a small urn.  This is the most coveted prize in cricket today.

Australia toured England earlier this year and after playing five tests England won the Ashes.  Now England is over here playing and hoping to keep the Ashes but currently Australia is 2 nil up.  They play a total of 5 Test matches. They are playing in Perth presently and it looks as if Australia may win this match too.  If they do then we will get back the Ashes.   Australia last won the Ashes in 2006/07.  This is the only time that Test match cricket is of any interest to me.  Love beating the Poms.

                                                                                          courtesy Getty images
After walking across the bridge and back we went in search of a cafe.  It was a very warm day and we all needed a drink.  The girls were complaining of being hot and tired.  After our drinks we went back to the car and home. 

I thought that the "Lights of Lobethal" were being switched on in the evening and so after dinner we took a drive up there.  Lobethal is a small town in the Adelaide Hills and nearly all of the residents have lights either on their houses or in their gardens.  Being situated in a valley when you first see the town it looks like "Fairyland".

We drove around several of the streets, not all of the houses were lit up.  I found out later that the lights were actually being turned on the following evening.  The girls still had fun wishing the people "Merry Christmas" and we got to see quite a few of the houses decorated.  The girls fell asleep in the car on the way home, much to our relief.  

I am going to have to split this post in two.  It has taken me nearly a week just to type this much.

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  1. I think it is wonderful that you can enjoy the girls like this. It's happy memories like this that help to ensure that our children grow up to be loving parents themselves. I love the carousel. Any time we have ever visited a place with amusements, I look for the carousel. It brings back such wonderful childhood memories. The Christmas lights are beautiful. One night this week I hope to get out to take photos of some of the lights in our neighborhood. As for your warm weather, I love it! It is quite cold here, and we just a lot of snow and ice with more coming. Gosh, I can't wait till Spring! You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.