Monday, October 28, 2013

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Monday 28th October, 2013

Another weekend has flown by and Tony and I were busy.  It was cleanup time again.  It's all we seem to do at the moment.  On Wednesday we had some very strong winds, again!!! but this time it blew out the trellis that we had in the courtyard and our outside lamp pole just about blew away.

David, our neighbour, came over Wednesday afternoon asking me if I had heard that almighty crash.  I had, but didn't take too much notice thinking it was the loose timber we have in the courtyard hitting against the facia.  Well to my surprise he informs me that our trellis is lying in his backyard.  While talking to him we notice the lamp pole is just about to take off and so he grabs a garden brick to put on the base.  The strength of the wind was would have gusted to over 100kph.

When Tony got home from work he went over to David's to collect the trellis.  He also saw that all the wood in the courtyard needs replacing and so we have to find someone who is willing to do it.  In the coming weeks we will have to go around to some home improvement places and get some quotes.

Saturday was spent trimming plants, sweeping, and vacuuming out the back and Tony put up a new lamp post, hopefully a much stronger one, and put another lamp post out the back   We also went off to the garden centre to get some more pine bark chips.

During the week Kahra had rung to ask us to go to an open day at Glandore.  Katies' Karate club was going to do an exhibition and as we hadn't seen her for a while we decided to go.  The day was put on by Coast FM, a local radio station.  There were several stalls, barbque and various bands played throughout the day.

A parade of vintage cars came through the park.  I find these cars so romantic and it takes me away to another era where it seems life was less complicated, but I am sure they had their problems just like today's society.

It was so good to see Katie again.  Geez I do miss that girl!!!  She told us that we had to buy the paper, Sunday Mail, as she had placed a message in it for us.  Apparently Sunday was Grandparent's Day (we didn't know) and grandchildren could put a message in the paper for their grandparents.  That was a nice surprise.

Soon after Katie finished her Karate they wanted to leave.  Tony and I decided not to stay either and so we decided to go for a drive.  I needed a coffee and thinking we would go somewhere local, nope, we ended up at Victor Harbor.  The weather wasn't the greatest.  Even though it wasn't real cold it was windy and a few spots of rain fell.

Katie with her instructor, Dave

and she throws him to the floor

We thought about getting on the horse drawn tram after our coffee and going over to Granite Island but then thought that seeing we had no coat or jumper perhaps we won't.  We would leave it for another time when the weather was more favourable.

You can walk over to Granite Island 

Instead we decided to go over to Strathalbyn and have a browse through some of the antique shops.  I wanted to get some 'old' cups and saucers.  I ended up getting a couple and we are going back to get some more another day.

We got home just in time to watch the start of the final of the XFactor.  The three finalists were Dami Im, Taylor Henderson and Jai Waetford.  My pick for the winner is either Dami or Taylor.  Jai, being only 14, we felt should not have been among the finalists.  He was good, but his voice was still a bit immature we thought.

            Taylor                            Dami                           Jai              

We have to wait until tomorrow night to find out who the winner is.    

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  1. Wow, I have so much catching up to read here. I love the photos of the old cars. My heart goes out that poor horse for having to pull that bus loaded with people. Poor thing should at least have some help pulling all that weight. Now I want to read your other posts. Hugs, Edna B.