Friday, September 6, 2013

Show Time In Adelaide

Friday 6th September, 2013

Today is the start of the Adelaide Show.  It goes for 9 days and is when the country comes to the city.  It is unbelievable that many city people have never seen a cow being milked or a close up look at sheep, pigs, chickens, cows and other farm animals.

We love to wander around and look at the animals plus I love looking at the cooking and craft exhibits as well.   Tony loves the wood chopping.  We mix that in with in show rides for Katie and end up having a great day. 

Katie has already chosen what show bags she wants.  "They only cost $52.50 for 3 bags Nanna," she said.  We are not going until next Saturday (the last day) as I have a scrapbooking weekend this weekend.  She has asked if her friend Maddi can also come with us.

Let's hope the weather stays nice for us when we go. Showers have been forecast for all of next week.  

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