Saturday, September 28, 2013

Last Saturday In September

Saturday 28th September, 2013

Today, being the last Saturday in September, is one of Australia's biggest sporting days.  It is the Austalian Football League (AFL) Grand Final.  This year Hawthorn and Fremantle are the two teams that are going to play for the title of Premiers.

The Fremantle Dockers are a team from West Australia that has made it to the Grand Final for the first time since they have been in the competition.  They are the underdogs and the sentimental favourite to win.  Hawthorn, the team from Victoria, are the team everyone will love to hate today. 

Even though the AFL have teams in every mainland state, that is Sydney Swans and GWS Giants from NSW, Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns from Queensland, Adelaide Crows and Port Power from South Australia, West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers from West Australia, the other ten teams are from Victoria.

The AFL was borne out of the Victorian Football League and even now the Victorians still believe it's their competition.  They may have the largest representation of teams but it is supposed to be a wholly Australian competition.  That is why the rest of the country 'love to hate' the Vics, especially us South Aussies.  For years they have come and taken our best footballers to play for their clubs.

Tony and I are not die hard football supporters.  We don't mind occasionally watching the Adelaide teams on TV when they play.  We have even attended a game or two but we won't be watching the grand final on telly.

Instead we decided to go to Ikea.  Thinking the stores would be relatively quiet this afternoon while the game was on, we thought then would be a good opportunity to go.  How wrong were we!  Hundreds of other people had the same idea.  Ikea was busy.  We went on to Harbourtown after Ikea and that was busy too. 

Just goes to show, the footy finals doesn't grab everyones attention.

For the record Hawthorn beat Fremantle by 15 points and so they are the 2013 Premiers.   Next year we are hoping for an Adelaide team to be in the grand final.......this year Port Power came close, they played in two of the lead up finals to the grand final.  

                                                                      Photos taken from Adelaide Now website

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  1. Gosh, how different the football uniforms are in your country than from the ones here. I think I like yours better. lol. I would have enjoyed shopping at Ikea instead of watching football too. Although it's not so much fun when it is really crowded. As for me, I don't usually watch the games here. I am more into baseball. I'm at work, and getting ready soon to go home. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.