Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chasing Dust Bunnies

Tuesday 24th September, 2013

The last couple of days I have been catching up on some housework that I've neglected these past few weeks.  I am having so much fun chasing the dust bunnies.....NOT!!!!

Why can't someone invent furniture polish that once you spray it on it will keep the dust away for 6 months.  Hahahaha I reckon that may be wishful thinking.

They can do it for the critters........Mortein has a surface spray that will keep the spiders, ants and other creepy crawlies away for about  3-4 months.  

On Saturday we went down to Noarlunga and met up with Katie.  She'd had a great birthday and had Maddi and another one of her friends, Millie sleep over. 

We met them at the bowling alley and after having a bite to eat they were more interested in playing the game machines than wanting to bowl. If they won on the machines the machine would spit out tickets which they could redeem for prizes.  In the end Kahra got them to have at least one game of 10 pin bowling.

We left them at around 3.30pm and drove out to Gawler.  We were going out for dinner with Robyn and Bob. Robyn had to work so Bob said it might be better if we picked them up.  

We got to their place after 5.00pm and Robyn still wasn't home.  Around 6.30pm she rang to say she was still at work, one of the operations had taken longer than expected.   She suggested for us to pick her up from the hospital and said that by the time we got there she would be ready. 

We picked her up and went off to the Boathouse Tavern.  It was an enjoyable evening.  After dropping Robyn and Bob back at the hospital so Robyn could get their car Tony and I went home.  We were totally pooped and went straight to bed.  I remember nothing until I woke up around 11.00 am Sunday morning.

After getting up so late, Sunday was a waste of a day.  We ended up having a very lazy day. 

Tony is in his last week of jury duty.  Yesterday he had to report to the courts twice.  In the morning he missed out on being selected for an assault case and so had to go back in the afternoon.  

The afternoon's jury selection was for a murder case that would take 10 -15 days of hearings.  Thankfully he wasn't selected for this case either.  Tony said that several of the would be jurors withdrew themselves from sitting on this case.  

We are having some great weather but tomorrow a change is coming in and they say the wind and thunderstorms could create some havoc.  The weather bureau has been wrong before so let's hope they are wrong this time.  I'm off to enjoy the last of the warm temperatures before this change comes in.  

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  1. The girls are lovely, and it looks as if they had a grand time. I find that dust bunnies are happiest when left undisturbed, so I give them their own space. Well, that's the best excuse I can think of at the moment for not running the vacuum cleaner. Besides, I took the dirt canister off the vacuum to empty it out and now I can't figure how to get it back on. I guess if it were important, it would just go back on quite easily. lol. You have a wonderful time enjoying what's left of your good weather. Hugs, Edna B.