Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We Were Spared

Tuesday 20th August 2013

Thank goodness we were spared most of the wild weather that had been forecast for us last Friday.  The weekend wasn't too bad at all weather wise.  Saturday was a lovely day.....sunshine and very little wind.   I went and did my scrapbooking class and on Saturday night we went out to dinner with Robyn and Bob. 

Sunday was breezy with showers and so we stayed home doing very little.....I got caught up on backing up some of my computer files with the help of Tony.  He burnt them to discs for me.

Other areas of the state did get some heavy rain and wind....mainly the Adelaide Hills and they also had flooding in some areas.

Yesterday they forecast only 13C and so I continued with the backing up of my files.  Even though the sun was  shining I didn't fancy going out and doing any shopping.  Tony picked up some bread and milk on his way home from work.

Today I want to go and order some new curtains for a couple of the windows.  When I washed them a few months ago they are showing signs of being needed to be replaced.   The Spotlight stores are having a 30% off sale, so it's a good time to go and see what they have.

This year I have been watching more TV in the evenings than in past years and so I have taken up crocheting again.  I used to do it many years ago.  I was going to make a shawl but it ended up being a rug.  I thought of giving it to charity for a homeless person to use but Tony said he wants to use it himself.  Katie may have other ideas as she also expressed interest in it.

I may have to buy more wool and make some more.  It's nice to have something to do while sitting in front of the TV.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Wild Weather On The Way

Friday 16th August, 2013

The weather bureau have told us to batten down the hatches over the weekend.  They have forecast some wild weather for us.  Winds are expected to get up to 90 kilometers per hour and around 50mm of rain to fall.  The temperatures will also plummet.  The waves could get as high as 10 metres on the south coast.

A good weekend for staying indoors with the heater on and some good DVD's.  Tomorrow afternoon I have got a scrapbook class and then we will most probably go out for dinner with Robyn and Bob.  Sunday will definitely be a day for inside as that may be the worst of the days.

There have already been reports of trees down, one on a car and one through the bedroom of a house and some localised flooding.   Now they are saying that there could be thunderstorms and hail as well.  

Thank God for our State Emergency Services (SES) workers. These guys and gals are out in all in kinds of weather helping residents with leaking roofs and general cleanup of areas where it's needed.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rain, Fog And Sunshine

Tuesday 13th August, 2013

The weather has been so changeable lately.  One moment we are having downpours, fog and then a few days later we are experiencing spring weather where it's even warm enough to go down to the beach for an icecream.

Which is exactly what we did on Sunday after having gone out to lunch with Robyn and Bob.  We've only got a few weeks left of "Split the Bills" and so we are making the most of them.

Last Thursday the new air conditioner was installed.  We now have to wait for some hot weather so that we can test it out.

This country is in election mode.  We go to the polls on September 7th to elect a new government.  The election was announced last Sunday week ago and I am already sick of the propaganda we are hearing on the radio and television not to mention the junk mail being delivered to our letter boxes by the various parties.  

So far not one of the major parties (Labor or Liberal) have given me a reason to vote for them.  It's the 'same ol same ol' spin.

Robyn made these Greek Almond biscuits.  They were so delicious, and exactly the same as what you buy from a Greek cafe.  She said she got the idea from a Better Homes and Garden episode where "Fast Ed" made them.  She bought the magazine to get the recipe.  We're hoping she makes them again. 


Friday, August 2, 2013

It's Official.........I Am OLD!!!

Friday 2nd August, 2013

OMG, I have to accept it....I am OLD!!!  

This afternoon Tony and I went shopping.  We went out and bought two rocker/recliner chairs.  What on earth was I thinking??

You see, to me, recliners are chairs for old people.  It is usually the elderly who have recliners in their homes.  You don't often see them in 'younger' people's houses.

Now we have a wait of 18 weeks, yes 18 weeks, before we will have them.  Like most products that were once manufactured in this country, they are now made overseas. 

But that's OK, we have sorted out our Christmas present to each other for this year so hopefully they will be here in time for Christmas. 

This is the chair we have bought. We are having it covered in a champagne coloured velveteen which will fit in more with our lounge suite..........

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spring Is On It's Way!!

Thursday 1st August, 2013

Yay, August is here and that can only mean one thing........Spring is 31 days away!!!

Actually the weatherman has said that July has been our warmest month for 38 years, this being mainly due to the overnight temperature being 'warmer' than usual.  We also had the wettest July for 18 years.

The bad news is that August will be more winter-like with colder overnight temperatures due to the high pressure systems bringing clearer skies and we may also have a drier month.

It looks as if I will have to call back the washing machine repair man.  Water is once again leaking from under the machine.  Looks as if the hose he tightened up may have loosened itself again.  Grrrr!! 

We should have the new airconditioner installed within the next few weeks.  Got the car back on Monday, looks as if it is running how it should be but time will tell if it will continue to do so.  As soon it shows any signs of failing (the istop) the car will be straight back to City Mazda.

Katie rang to let us know that she has again been chosen as part of the choir to sing at the Festival Centre in September.  She said she is already starting to feel nervous.

With Tony's help we finally managed to give the house a good thorough clean instead of the lick and promise I usually manage to give it.  Now if only those dust bunnies realise they are not welcome here and move into someone else's house.

With the warmer weather we had in July it is understandable how our neighbour's, David and Sally,  garden is looking so good with all the flowers in bloom.  Walking out of our front door the scent from the Stocks is heavenly.