Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

Saturday 1st June, 2013

Today, for us, is the first day of Winter and the best thing about that is in 3 weeks time we have the shortest day of the year which means the days will start getting longer and before we know it Spring will be on our doorstep.

Yesterday was one of the wettest days we have experienced.  It rained continuously all day and by the time we got home last night we had well over 65mm  (2.5 inches) of rain.

We met up with Katie and Maddi around 5pm and went off to get supplies in for the weekend.  It was so good to see Katie again.  Kahra always said that Katie would miss us if it was any longer than 3 weeks in her seeing us, but I think it was me missing her.  She has too much of a social life these days.

On the way home we stopped off at Fasta Pasta for dinner and then the video store where the girls chose some movies to watch, Mean Girls 2, Parental Guidance, Marmaduke and Gulliver's Travels.

Deciding what to have for dinner

Upon arriving home we found we couldn't get the automatic garage door to open.  Tony went to check the meter box and we'd had a power failure and the safety switch had tripped.  Once he reset that we were able to get in.

My first stop had to be the toilet.  As I was walking through the vanity my feet squished on the bathroom mat that I have on the floor.  Oh no!  At first I thought the toilet had sprung a leak, but all was dry in there.  I thought perhaps I had left a tap running.....they were all turned off.  

There was no other water on the floor other than this mat being sopping wet.  It sits over a drain hole and so we assumed that due to the amount of rain we had perhaps the drain overflowed.  Tony pointed out that there was no smell, and the water was clean.  

No water had come in through the roof.   The floor of the shower was also dry so no water had come up from there and overflowed into the vanity area.  It remains a mystery as to where this water came from, it had to be from the drain.  

The girls settled in and we watched the first of one of the movies they had chosen, Mean Girls 2.

This morning the girls watched the second movie, Parental Guidance, as that along with Mean Girls 2 had to be returned.  Last night while shopping they bought hair chalk and so decided to put this in their hair this morning. 

We headed off to Tea Tree Plaza before we made our way to Thebarton and Ice Arena.  The girls were going to go ice skating.  That lasted about an hour before Katie's skates started to hurt and she didn't want to skate anymore.

They wanted something to eat and so we went to Vili's Cafe.   
While at Vili's they decided they wanted to go to the Beach House.  We ended up going but because it was raining we waited in the car for it to stop but the rain just kept coming down.   Instead we drove along the coast and home.  Katie and Maddi couldn't believe that there some brave souls on the beach and even in the water.

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  1. I've enjoyed your outing with the girls. It is so refreshing to see generations within families enjoying time with each other. As I get older, I find myself enjoying time my youngest grandchildren and great grandchildren so much more. They grow so quickly, and I enjoy watching them grow into adults.

    I hope your rain settles down. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.